Education Cheated

By: Arooma Khan

Education is the stored experiences of a society which transfers from one generation to another. It is the best tool to deal with every aspect of life. A civilised nation always has a educational system unfortunately in Pakistan it is not so.

 Due to bogus system of education we have not come up to the mark. Our educationalists and government both have not succeeded to find out the solution of this major problem.

On other side, what our youth (our future leaders and professionals) are doing during exams that we face at front in practical life.

We should admit that entire education system in Pakistan has collapsed. Cheating in exams and pathetic educational system has destroyed the individual's as well as future of the society.

Despite tall claims to prevent cheating, several cases of cheating are reported at examination centers.

According to a report in Karachi , more than 300,000 students appeared in 9th and 10th class exams conducted by Board of Secondary Education Karachi.

Chairman Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Mirpurkhas, Shafiq Ahmed Khan said that Matriculation examinations over 55,000 candidates appeared at Mirpurkhas, Tharparkar, Sanghar and Umerkot districts.

 He said cheating and use of unfair means in examinations were on rise, where as eight vigilance teams of the BISE Mirpurkhas conducted raids at different examination centers and from each center two to three bags full of cheating material were recovered.

Our educational system provides complete one year to the students to study and at the end 3 hours of examination, but they are unable to avail that whole year properly and it is because of old fashioned teaching style, relying on copy system, and lack of interest.

Students normally don't work hard and are unable to complete their studies. They join college just for enjoyment, no doubt they should study with fun but preference must be given to study.

Only student is not responsible for this but, teachers, parents as well as whole system, all are equally responsible  who at the end are involved in the cheating.

Nothing is impossible, if you work hard, you can achieve what you want. You can get marks by cheating but this will not help you in practical life.

Human is the most respectable creature of universe, so stealing, cheating is against good standard and social status.

Efforts and hard work develop talent whereas the laziness destroys them, so always achieve your degree by hard work. It does not matter if you fail at your attempt you should try again and again, that is the key to success for a individual as well as a nation