Child Labor As Global Problem

By: Zeeshan Hyder

Child labor globally has become serious problem and it is a menace in any society caused due to high rate of poverty and unemployment. Child labor is kind of labor in which young aged child who deserve to be educated are subjected to work in factories, warehouses, hotels and shops as lower staff workers.

A middle class person in Pakistan earns around 5 dollars a day and feds 9 to 10 people daily. Child labor may temporally add up to per capita income of country but its side effects at the same time are so heinous; it retrains from productive economic growth.

According to UNICEF there is an estimated 250 million children aged 5 to 14 in child labor worldwide excluding child domestic labor.

Child labor account for 22% of the work force in Asia. 32% in Africa, 17% in Latin America, 1% in US, Canada, Europe, and child laborers varies greatly among countries and regions inside these countries.

Violations of the child labor laws continue among economically impoverished migrant agricultural workers.

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan estimated in 1990s that 11 million children were working in the country and half of those were under the age of 10

In 1996 the medium age for child entering the work force was 7 years. It was estimated that on quarter of the countries work force was made up of child labor.

 Where a child needs to hold a book or pen in his hands there mechanical tools are handed over him and he forced to work out where the journey of his life starts and ends.

Though Pakistan is full of social evils where UNICEF, Human rights commission, NGOs and other organizations are working for protecting child rights and trying to provide better education.