Unproductive Games For Recreation

By: Syed Mohsin

The impulsive sounds of friends coming in a deep sleep, who probably engage with some playing environment in a Gathering make the children leave their bed and join them, The memorial scenes of this jocund company stay in mind till death as this unforgettable fellowship is gathered by some inexpensive but charming games of streets, footpath and small shops.

The enjoying crowd of children seems splendid. It displays a sign of lively environment. But while playing with the beloved friends, children often lose their track of success and development as these activities fulfills their desire of being footloose with no worries about curricular obligations. You may see a number of children in school uniform playing in streets.

So what may the impact be on children of commonly played but uncreative games? The games like kairum, ludo, marbles (kanchey), tops (latto), outdated video games and others at streets, footpaths and little shops.

 In interior areas, little towns and even in some larger cities of our country like Hyderabad, where there is a lack of standard places for public to enjoy leisure times in productive activities, the unproductive games are played for recreation. Besides their charms, these activities not only create an environment for offensive language and gambling, but are also one of a reason for the lack of educational interest among children and the misuse of their pocket money.

Every new generation in local areas experience such a defective environment which harms their psychological and social behavior. Random victories impulse the children to play again and again. They gravitate towards playing, to finalize the champion areas leaving behind the gate of their educational institutes. Though these activities are cheap, yet there is something more than refreshment, which magnetically attracts them and gradually becomes their psychological need.

 Basically, games are necessary for physical health if they are played on a specific time within a limit. But this unlimited continuation affects the health of children as they normally belong to middle or lower classes obtain limited nutrition.

There is dire need to establish standard public parks, low cost fun-lands and better opportunities of education for creating awareness among the masses by providing them modern innovations of diversions. Supervision and support of government in this regard is necessary.