By: Najeebullah Shar

What is a reporter? It is a common question for the mass media students and those who are related to the field of journalism. Reporters are usually expected and required to go out to the scene of a story to gather information, prepare stories for their reports and as such performs an important function in a newspaper organization. M.V.K Math in his book "professional journalism" defined the term reporter as, "a reporter is to a news organization what a brick is to a mansion. A newspaper is what its reporter's make of it?" in other words, reporter, who researches, writes and reports information to be presented in source.

Reporting work is an entertainment but it is also the work of responsibility. In this regard, visiting faculty lecturer of mass Communication University of Sindh Mr. Sohail Sangi said, a reporter must be prepared all the time with his beg to gather the news story.

 It is true that time, tide, and news waits for nothing.

 Reporter's job is full time hectic and active profession. The work of reporting is a very big task. Through reporting, a simple man or an event can become important. Reporters claim that work of reporting makes a precious place in their hearts so it becomes difficult to leave this work and to join other career. My little experience also reveals that this statement is true as I have been working in different media organizations for the last one year and have covered stories related to government and non-government activities particularly in Hyderabad.

It is very interesting that whenever any federal and provincial minister comes in front of media and deliver press conference then every media organization's reporters try to ask hard and tough questions from them. At the end of the press conference, the very same reporter's come out with their personal problems and applications. The minister in returned invites them to meet in the office. It reflects opportunism on both ends.

In Pakistan, if we see the family life of reporters it is worst. They are not well-paid; as a result of this, reporters are forced in involving themselves in making money through illegal means. Honest reporters feel difficulties to run their kitchens and home affairs.

Therefore, it is the need of time to save the fourth pillar of state. Government should take serious actions to solve all the problems related to reporters, so that they can perform their duties honestly and provide true picture to their readers and listeners.