Water Vs Fuel!

By: Aisha Jamali

"Agha Waqar is our national hero and he has done a job nobody has ever done,” such compliments were common in the local media. Agha Waqar claimed that he can run a car completely on water.

He called his device "water-kit". The kit consists of a cylindrical jar, which holds the water, electrodes, wires to be attached with car's battery and a hose leading to the engine.

This news was surprising as many foreigner scientists had conducted such experiments earlier but failed. People have high hopes for getting rid from the rising rates of petrol and CNG.

Agha resident of Khairpur successfully presented demonstration in the presence of all the members of ministerial committee at Islamabad.

Later when he returned his home province Sindh, people warmly welcomed him in different cities of Sindh. He got great appreciation and in Hyderabad rallies were also taken out in his favour.

In a TV interview, he said he had three meetings with officials of Science and Technology sector as well as a meeting with Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission. Prime minister, Raja Pervaiz Ashraf, constituted a three member committee headed by Syed Khursheed Shah who publicly appreciated Agha's invention.

Agha was criticized for not clearly explaining how his invention works without violating the laws of thermodynamics.

Agha was invited by Jamil Ahmed Khan, the Pakistani ambassador to UAE, to demonstrate his technology in Abu Dhabi. Two nuclear scientists Dr Samar, and Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan also supported the idea of a water-fueled car. However, he also faced many opponents.

Attaur Rahman, a scientist and a former minister for Science and Technology, called for a technical investigation into Agha's car by top engineering universities. He told in a TV Talk show that such inventions don't work and if they were to work, they would violate the law of conservation of energy.

Agha replied to this criticism that he had made long drives with the car, presented demonstrations for politicians and media personalities.

He challenged Rahman to check and verify water fuelled car himself. By the end of the show, participants agreed that the car should be tested by independent sources. Rahman showed similar concerns in another show that he suspected that device can be a scam.

He asserted that such an invention would be in contravention of the laws of thermodynamics in order to work.

It was the story of a dream which was seen by people of the country. Expectations ended, a dream broke, a car can run by water, claiming person became silent, mainstream media exposed the matter but conflicts increased with time and story ended.

Again fuel won and water remained bonded hydrogen and oxygen and could not run a car. But it is not impossible, in future; we may drive a car, running on water.