A Man With Passion DR.Masroor Ahmed Zai

By: Sabahat Us Saba

Some people possess hidden treasures in their personality. They have many skills like writing, poetry, column and books etc. Masroor Ahmed Zai is one of them. 

Despite insistence of his uncle for business administration, he diverted towards Urdu literature because his ideal personality is Dr. Ghulam Mustafa Khan. Zai is scion of educated and literary family of Hyderabad.

A coal becomes diamond after extreme heat. His father Qari Noor Ahmed Khan wanted to make him Hafiz. After father's death 10 years child started thinking as a responsible person that he has to make his life.

 Although Zai's elder brothers were too supportive and good care taker of him. Irshad Ahmed Zai held his hands till his matriculation and later, shifted his responsibility to Anwar Ahmed Zai who firmly helped Zai in seeking writing like news, short stories, corrected Zai's Udru pronunciation.

Man is recognized with his etiquette and troth not from its dress.  Masroor has very impressive, helpful, frank personality.

28 years back he started as a clerk of post office, he continued his studies and did PhD in Urdu literature from UoS in 2005 and after passing another exam he became Deputy Controller Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Hyderabad. Also work in radio, as a newscaster.

Zai wrote a drama and was selected from all Pakistan for radio on Mohammad Bin Qasim's 200 death anniversary during his college.

In university he found kick of his life and he started writing short stories. His first short story (Sadiyon ki raakh) was published in Mohtarma magazine.

Also he founded a literary organization in 1995 namely Anwar e Adab from which brought out a monthly magazine Ibarat.

Wit's flight and wit's journey is immeasurable. It is hard to explain Zai's colors of skills, among them all he is a poet too.

A man with great skills get married in 1990 with Najam us Sehar and have 4 children. His youngest child Mohammad Ahmed Zai has an honor of (youngest debater of Pakistan), as he is like his father, Zai has also honored of All Pakistan debate champion 2 times.

Zai is fond of playing chess and reading Urdu literature books is his favorite hobby. He gives all of his successful life's credit to his wife because according to him if a man is relaxed from his home then he can lead a successful life.

Zai struggled and made his life and name, but desires are like seawater the more you drink of them, the more you feel thirsty to achieve his aim he is trying hardly.

 His message to his readers is that be loyal with your religion, country and with your future