Of Traffic Jams In Hyderabad

By: Musfira Aminuddin

Traffic problem is deteriorating day by day in big cities like Lahore, Karachi and Hyderabad. We experience traffic jams at morning and evening timings. People are packed in the buses and vans like sacks, young boys and students climb up the roofs of the buses, vehicle's horns do not allow to hear the voice of the person with you. This is order of the day and we brave it daily.

Morning hours are more painful for students and workers have to reach their educational institutes or offices.

The traffic congestion in Hyderabad has increased drastically in last few years due to urbanization, small roads, no management.  Broken roads have further complicated the situation as people prefer to opt alternate and well maintained roads.

Lack of civic sense and violation of traffic laws increased number of cars are virtually causing hazards.

Bike and car have become very easy to buy after availing loans through banks.Worst affected road of Hyderabad are Tilak Incline, Hosh Mohammed Sheedi Road, Akhtar Burghari Road near A-one Hotel where traffic jam has become a huge problem for students and workers.

Even Jail Road is always highly congested as OPD and Zubeda Collage are situated on this road which results in traffic jams. A doctor at OPD complained that he reaches hospital late due to college vans and private cars carrying students block the road.

He said that though he reaches near OPD but when he gets on Jail Road he often is stuck in traffic jam and waits because he can not park his car in the center of road because this would further increase the problem.

The traffic in Hyderabad is getting more and more unfriendly these days.

I would suggest as a responsible person we should avoid personal vehicles during office hours, use public transport because in a bus around 50 to 60 people can travel but only 3-4 in a car, means we ourselves are creating the problem.

We should not make the government responsible for that. In China a person who is in managerial cadre does not use his car to go to office.

He simply uses the local trains or public transport. Unfortunately we don't have local trains and good buses. The duty of the government is to increase the good buses and also introduce local train, so that most of us will prefer to go on bus, autos or train.

Apart from this, the traffic cops should be ready to clear the traffic at regular intervals especially in those areas which mostly remain over crowded.