Campus Would Miss Saqi

By: Bilawal Soomro

It was my second day in Sindh University when I saw an unusual man, a man with a cowboy cap, old torn suit and improperly tie on his neck was reflecting the imaginary character of Uncle Sam.

A senior student told me that he is Saqi Abro, he would be here with you for next four years in the university.

Saqi Alam Abro, born in Larkana, was a well known television actor; he got his early education from his hometown. His qualification was only intermediate because he was not interested in studies and wanted to become an actor since childhood. 

Despite intermediate he always tried to pose himself as a highly qualified person therefore, whenever someone asked him regarding his qualifications, he often replied that he did intermediate from Islamabad and Ph.D from London. Due to acting skills his lie seemed truth.

Saqi got job in University of Sindh in 1978. He was never posted at any department but worked at Central Library, Sindhology, Old Campus Model School etc. 

Apart from actor, he was an artist and cartoonist also. He made many cartoons in different regional dailies. His whole family was interested in arts and acting. Saqi's brother Tariq Alam Abro was also a writer.

He played different roles on radio, stage shows, television dramas, and gained fame through Jungle and Natak Rang serial, also performed in the poetic characters of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai.

Saqi was living in dramatic and fictional world but one bitter reality made him down. That was a sudden accident, of his son who was studying in Sindh University, which depressed him a lot.

After that incident he left acting and tried to find his son among the university students. 

He used to roam in campus, which was a stage for him and students were his audience. Sometime, he used to wear cowboy cap for reflecting a western pedestrian and sometimes a saffron turban on his head which showed the character of a roaming snake charmer.

Truly, Saqi was not in real world and didn't want to be in it. His questions were weird but friendliness was immensely filled in his soul.

Dramas do never end on our wish. Saqi performed last on the stage of this world on August 2, 2014 and the curtains were shutdown.

He passed away in an accident and now a multitalented character would be no more among us. Sadly my senior was wrong. Now Saqi would not be here.