By: Latif Ghaad.

The personalities who inspired most to the first elected prime minister of Pakistan Zulifqar Ali Bhutto, Kamal Pasha Ataturk, the founder of modern Turkey is one of them.

When Zulifqar Ali Bhutto attended the 50th revolutionary celebration ceremony of young Turkey in 1972, he was very much impressed with the governmental structure of Turkey.

After his return to Pakistan he laid foundation stone of a Tower named after Kamal Pasha Ataturk at Larkano. In those days this 82 feet long Tower was at a bit distance from Larkano main city but due to the rapid urbanization this has become the centre of the city now.

As Lahore is recognized as Minare Pakistan, Karachi as Mazare Quaid, Jamshoro as University of Sindh main gate, as the same way Larkano is recognized by this Tower, in other words this Tower is the symbol of the City.

At present Kamal pasha Ataturk Tower is at Bakrani Road which leads towards Mohan Jo Daro via Arija. Two sword style this Tower is covered with iron grill from its base side as no body may enter inside it.

On one side it has increased the beauty of the city and on other side is the sign of Pak Turkey strong friendly relations. The speech that Zulifqar Ali Bhutto delivered at Turkish Celebration is written on this Tower “ I have come to the mausoleum of the great leader of Turkey on many previous occasions, but this is special occasion.

I have come to seek information from founder of modern Turkey, the founder of the Turkey nation”. The sayings of Kamal Pasha Ataturk and Zulifqar Ali Bhutto are also written on this Tower like.

The power of Pakistan is the power of the nation ( Zulifqar Ali Bhutto), You can not rule the nation, you can only serve the nation( December 21, 1921 by Kamal Pasha Ataturk), Sovereignty belongs unconditionally and without restriction to the nation ( April1, 1923 by Kamal Pasha Ataturk).

The location of this Tower is also very beautiful because when some one enters in Larkano through Khairpur Larkano Bridge over river Indus or want to visit 5000 years old civilization Mohan Jo Daro he is supposed to cross this Tower.

Though it was a dream project of Zulifqar Ali Bhutto which he fulfilled in his life but now its responsibility of present authorities of the city government to maintain this beautiful Tower and invest money for its care and maintenance as well as beautification.

A park like Minare Pakistan and Mazare Quaid should be established besides it as the citizens of Larkano, Khairpur, Gambat and other nearby areas may spend some time with their families here and in a such way this can be a good outing place for the people.