By: Muhammad Daniyal

Born poor is not a crime. It's not good to devalue and degrade the poor because of their less property. They all are human beings and they have right to live respectful life in the society.

Substandard are not made only for serving but also have rights to raise their voice. They're not given proper worth of their labor because all efforts are done by poor but the reward goes to only rich personalities.

If there is any event in upper class family so every one attends it but in poor family no one has time to attend even the death ceremony. Poor people are deprived of health and employment facilities. They are left behind the margin of life.

The situation of the country is worsening day by day. There's no one to heed a poor person's plead in parliament house, offices , high courts and government departments.

Due to increase in financial problems many poor people are committing suicide which is a great warning to officials and nation.

If we look at the previous condition of floods in Sindh, the wealthy landlords turned direction of water towards less developed population which destroyed the villages as well as their fields and now the same act is being performed in Punjab flood.

The government and army are focusing the major cities like Multan because of an army head quarter but nearer villagers are neglected.

Rich personalities are allowed to do heinous crimes and create violence in the society but only poor will pay for it. Laws are made only for lower class not for upper class.

There are many cases in Pakistan which show the status discrimination. Recently, sons of MNA raped a girl and F.I.R reported against them but due to power, girl was forced to take the FIR back.

The injustice to poor includes facilities and incentives provided by government which are not available to lower class of the society.           

The Government as well as people should make fair decision for every class; Lower and upper classes system should be abolished from the society because our religion also preaches us to treat everyone equally.

The government should support and encourage the innocent people to fight for their rights and raise their voices against wrong deeds and try to change the circumstances. Because, according to Bill Gates:

'If you are born poor, it is not your fault but if you die poor, it is your fault'