Miseries Of Bangle Workers

By: Mahrukh Fatima

Bangles that add charm and beauty to girls are product of hard and harsh work. It's so easy to put on in hands but too difficult to manufacture.

It requires many stages of hard work to give its perfect shape. I was surprised to see the tough condition of dark room where bangles are made, there was no fan, and intolerable heat was coming from gas cylinder.

An iron plate was placed there, windows and doors of room were locked and every worker was glowing with sweat while moulding the bangles.

Hyderabad's bangle industry enjoys position of a major domestic crystal bangle industry of South Asia. In Hyderabad bangle work is carried in Latifabad Unit 8, Unit 10, Unit 11, Unit 12, Paretabad.

Hali Road, American Quarters, New Cloth Market, Noorani Basti, Liaquat Colony, Faqeer Jo Pir, Afandi Town, Site area and some other areas.

It is estimated that more than four lac men, women and children are engaged in with bangle works, who toil day and night to support their families but they always live hand-to-mouth because of dealers. One of them told that labours are doomed by the owner of factory.

Retailers and dealers withheld worker's salary and then they compel them to work on truncated income.

Bangle industry workers are oppressed on the other hand; these workers are deprived of social security, medical facilities and incentives which are one of their basic rights.

There are many crystal bangle factories in Hyderabad where assortment of bangles are made and then carried to workers' home through dealers for cutting, designing and colouring.

Bangles are prepared after concluding almost 28 different phases in which role of home-based woman workers is imperative who work in insecure working conditions with no assurance to earn a living.

Joints of bangles are made on flames of kerosene oil and gas but its effects were dreadful to know in a survey that noxious smoke of these substances, as carbon dioxide and carbon mono oxide harms every individual and caused many susceptible diseases.

Respiration problems, asthma, eye-sight weakness, cataract etc. Constant sitting results into back, joints pain for unmarried girls and sensitive youngsters. 

Many women suffer from tuberculosis but still they keep working to feed their children.

A young home-based girl said that they are not professionally trained but inherited the working abilities from their parents. They are not aware of any other skill or education but they are proud of supporting male members of their family.