Hyderabad Airport

By: Farkhunda Shaikh


In contrast to other air ports Hyderabad airport is considered as a model airport. It is the only airport that provides maximum facilities.

The work on Hyderabad was started in 1963, and was designed like Behrood airport (old building of Beirut airport).

This operation was completed within two years; unfortunately it was scaled down in 2001because the smallest aircraft F-27, with the capacity of 45 passengers stopped flying.

But after this incident the beauty of this place remained unchanged, every side of its surrounding looked pleasant and beautiful. The secret that attracts attention of people on the way of airport is the natural beauty.

Earlier, when the airport was functional people came here to take flights but when it was closed, complete silence prevailed over the place but people used to visit as a picnic point.

Interesting festivals that people really enjoy are Basant, parties, musical concerts, fairs and these events are unforgettable for people.

After lapse of seven years, it was reopened in August 2008, when the ADR aircraft landed here. This aircraft is equivalent to F-27 aircraft which also based on 42 seats.

The interesting thing is that when this airport was closed it continued working in same manner. Even in worst conditions, the port was used by military and PIA.

With all these, the most facilitated thing of Hyderabad airport is it own training centre where they train internees by utilizing the abilities of their official trainers for the purpose of airline service.

Moreover, the trainers explain functions and layouts to them and due to this exercise the importance of the airport is still intact.

Current objectives are re-carpeting of runway, lounge furniture, installation of PAPI lights, restoration of night landing facilities, PIA scheduled flight is available for 3 days in a week which flies in Hyderabad, Islamabad and Lahore.

Blue airline is under process and requested to permit landing from Karachi to Hyderabad. Officials are trying to improve and working hard on airlines that can facilitate passengers with new and comfortable things.

The main role of Department is to avoid accidents and if it happens then to provide immediate help for the injured. The team would alert and call Agencies, Police, Navy, Army, Telephone exchange and  also have RT to aware from critical conditions trough which they can solve the problems together.

To bring modification in aircrafts, airport team has personal experience and records of passenger’s accidents and happenings. To avoid future accidents these reports are distributed to the whole team.

The best way of continuing improvement process is to perform researches then demonstrate new ideas and last to give recommendation.

If we focus on international recommendation so it is essential for the team to take careful steps with better planning and research rather than listening public opinions which are worthless.

Its not an F.M program where public’s choice would be preferred but it’s quite a serious matter, if we will work devotedly and cautiously then we will be able to facilitate the passengers in critical times.