Begging As “successful Profession”

By: Najeeb Shar

Beggary has become a profession in which one losses self respect, extends hands in front of others and begs for only few coins and his or her self respect is flatten. Beggary has increased at an un-predictable rate in Pakistan. We find beggars in every street.

One day I saw an active man who was begging, I asked reason for begging. I told him he was able to do any other work and also can earn self respect and contribute to country's prosperity but he refused and started begging again.Great Spanish literary figure Miguel de Cervantes said: “Never stand begging for that which you have the power to earn.”

No country is free from begging but here we have crowd of beggars in Pakistan. Many of them are absolutely fine and healthy and they can easily do any work by their hands and can earn worth, but the problem is, they have adapted begging as a profession. They are too lazy to do any job, they assume if we can get enough money by begging, why should we do great effort? Why to do hard work? This laziness has made them reliant on others.

Beggars are burden for the society. They affect other people because being inactive they do not take part in any development work, they remain dependent on others and always try to get money without doing any substantial work.

Beggars have lots of reasons for choosing beggary as profession. Some of them are: Because of high inflation, those who cannot bear this burden of inflation, who cannot afford the prices of accessories, who have tired of seeking jobs they ultimately start begging. The most important factor is the present global economic crises which has generated a huge number of beggars.

There are families where every member of family is begging even their children are also involved in this occupation.

Requesting for money is the easy task for beggars but even thinking of effort is very worst feeling for them.

“Know the true value of time; snatch, seize and enjoy every moment of it. No idleness, no laziness, no procrastination, never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”

We have to break this begging bowl and should work for the betterment of people and the future of country.