Fast Food Craze In Pakistan

By: Farkhunda Shaikh

I was completely unaware of fast food. Elders told me that fast food is unhealthy for our health. They said that if know the ingredients of this food, we would not construct path towards the direction of this meal.

Hence I dropped the idea to have fast food. Once I had fast food when my school took us on trip to Pizza Hut. When visited the kitchen of restaurant my mind was changed.

I saw a huge machine which was working like a robot. Every thing was working systemically and arranged manner.

The glamour of these restaurants attracts certain people through gleeful and smart things.

I really wanted to know about fast food that from where it comes?

The name fast food was not assumed at the beginning. When period of fast food begun only the burger was most common which people preferred to eat. After varieties it was named as Hamburger.

When the trend of this food became popular and varieties of meals were introduced then it was named as fast food.

Look at this, how much this fast food craze has increased in Pakistan. Initially food was exhibited on bistros (Dhabas) from where people could either bring food home or eat it in an open environment.

The old-fashioned people had no trend to go outside just for eating healthy food there. Women were unaccustomed to pick up this style therefore they could not receive such thing which was not suitable for them at that time.

This pattern changed when women join jobs / consider jobs as a part of their education and started it with omen. The habit of eating out also paved way to other further outing and recreational activities.

First the interest of picnic point increased among people then along with this trend, it develops an idea to open mart and coffee shops for junket.

Media has been playing a great role in presenting new and interesting things which shows a positive response of huge audience. Restaurants having more space for kids playing, and families created more curiosity among the people who moved from hotels.

At present, the craze makes it place in bakeries and street shops as well, yet, we find such kind of food at picnic spots, resorts, shopping malls and food stalls where it gains attention of many people.

Day by day this craze turns in to fashion, the chain of fast food has been turned as fashion parade. At this juncture mostly in gatherings people have point to show off about eating in stylish and expensive restaurants.

Enormous restaurants introduced interesting accomplishment, beautiful arrangements of music, melody, dance, games and other persuasive deeds defer (give way to) to be please about to (celebrate) parties, Candle Night Dinner and  Valentine day, to offer all these, seek the attention of friends, families, partners, kids and other kith & kin.