Dhongi Baba

By: Aisha Jamali

Today's man is suffering from different troubles and every one wants to over come these troubles through shortcuts, therefore some people who show little sympathy emerge as Sufi characters with certain magical tricks.


They win their trust and later, people  trapped in trouble go to typical huts or places where those people dwell or do business for solving out the problems through fake amulet (Taweez). These are Dhongi Baba (fake mystic).

Dhongi Baba is also usually known as Aalim Baba - spiritualist and are increasing in our society. A number of incidents have proved that these are cheaters and they destroy many lives, homes etc.

Usually, women are main target and prey of these fake spiritualists because women are more emotional, sensitive and believe in apparent character and overlook logical sense and reality. This Baba culture was originated from India where saffron colored Baba started this fake spiritual business.

Bangladesh is also one of the countries where black magic was started, soon after Muslims adopted the character of fake spiritualists for making money.

Aamil Babas,  fake spiritualists, spiritual healers and black magic are relevant to each other. Aamil Baba cheats people. They claim that they can solve every problem without doubt.

Greedy Babas target the innocent people and makes them fool by claiming that through just one phone call, they can rescue you from all worries and difficulties. Sometimes they also target their party by using the name of religious as giving people some verses of Holy Book in a wrong manner.

They usually use such sentences “thank God, you make us human and make human's source for human”.

They assure everyone that they can solve every problem like obstacles in marriages, disobedience of children, low income, drugs addiction, psychologically problems, scared by enemies.

Some shows are being telecast on TV channels which are creating awareness among the people about cheating of fake spiritualists. One such case was covered by media in Punjab, when father killed her daughter following the instructions of Dhongi Baba that by sacrificing her daughter, his destiny will change.

Another case recently occurred where in a woman was killed due to Baba's  wrong instruction, she was patient of  asthma and that Baba asked her to read this amulet without taking breath, which will result that your husband will be yours. She did it, but lost her life.

Many advertisements are promoting this business in our society, highlighting the wrong sayings of such Babas which has ruined our  society .One funny message was also spread to show how to make people fool.

'A man got Taweez  to control his wife. After one month he went to the fake spiritualists and told him  there is no change in his wife's attitude but my neighbor's wife is in his control. Healer replied it is called side effects.

So, here is result and lesson for those who believes on such Dhongi Baba.