Easy Money Making How People Become Rich Over Night

By: Fazeel Naqvi

People become rich over  night with just few pennies in their pockets, selling hazardous material to earn a lot, cheating customers by selling less and measuring more. Bribe one of the fastest ways to get rich but it is worst sin.

It was just like an other evening I was outside my house and I noticed that a truck came at our neighbors house, it was unloading a brand new fridge, a split air conditioner and a 32” L.C.D T.V I thought it was the “dowry” of their daughter, because I knew the financial condition of the family they could not afford all that stuff.

It was like they had hit a jackpot because just a few years back they used to travel on foot, now they had three bikes and one car but this time my curiosity was on peak so I could not stop myself and asked them that what was going on. They said it's for their own luxury.

I was stunned! because their father was just a police constable his salary was not enough to buy them such luxuries so I went out to investigate the source of their income and I found out they also had a “Pan shop”.

When I got in that shop, there was nothing that could make them rich over night. I asked a few area people I found some thing startling. Not only Pan, cigarettes were sold but they were also selling Gutka and Main Puri without any fear because the person also had links with police officials so he had nothing to worry about.

By selling these hazardous products, people are getting rich over night. Another story is of a Grocery store owner who became rich in a couple of months and expanded his shop from a single room to a huge store. This also made me think how he did it.

To find out his secret of success I went to his store. I bought a corn flour pack of a very famous company but it was a bit different so I asked the salesman as to why it was different, he told the company has changed the packing.

To ascertain this I went to another shop and bought the corn flour of the same brand it was completely different.

I realized that the one I bought from the first place was the fake and were selling sub standard things on high rates without thinking about the health of the consumers but just thinking of making money.

We can find a number of white collar criminals, living around us, people who would do anything to earn money.