The Days I Save

By: Maham Umer

Our first semester of BS part-III was exciting. It's the best semester in our whole graduation time period. We entered in the practical world of Media and that sounded Wow to me.

Lots of Enthusiasm flew in my veins. As I already had internship at PPI news agency.

We as first editors had to work hard for the first issue as that was all new and felt glittering but tough and responsible job at the same time.

It is difficult to express about our learning throughout whole time. Team-work, importance of coordination, sense of responsibility, and time management are the key learning to me.

Experience is expensive in this field. The Word 'I know' is not here. We always learn something new in this field every day as the working in odd situations; boycott did not matter to our work.

For me it was slightly different from previous experience at news agency but internship experience remained privilege to one during the entire time.

All memories are precious but the day when we did not get news from our beat reporters due to semester’s preparation holidays and we had to publish the issue as there is no holiday of newspaper.

Me and my colleague first time went to Department of Criminology to get news and spent almost hours with the faculty members who helped us a lot and not only gave us news but briefly explained about the law and order situation in university. I never knew much before this.

That day I realized that this is not just a work but informative work. If you work keenly, you'll be rich with knowledge which is the key ingredient for any media person at initial or extreme stage of this field. This is the life time experience for all of us which we will never forget!