Lady Driver, Beware

By: Sonahri Shaikh

Woman drivers are most noticeable in driving. Being a woman and performing a man's deeds is quiet funny but risky.

According to the research mostly road accidents are thought up by lady drivers. 

Some people say that women are not careful while driving. They don't have the sense of crossing, overtaking, turning and parking.

One of my friends said that “women get disturb through horns and they get confused if someone overtakes their car so, it is better to stay 2 miles away from a woman driver”.

If the   same question I would ask from all the male drivers that they never worried when driving? Obviously, if a bike or a car overtakes you suddenly, the driver would be confused for a second.

I have seen many male drivers who perform lame activities during their drive like unwanted horns, turning and crossing without indicators, park at no-parking place and break the signals.

One of my friends shared that while crossing the chowk, a car overtaken suddenly her side and her car got stuck on the road side.

She noticed that all the people who crossed her was commenting and blaming her for the incident because she is a lady driver.

From somewhere comes the girl's car in an accident, people themselves consider their own fault/ people without knowing consider them for the error.

Why we always blame girls? Do I take it personal? Or I should take it as a common foolishness of human's mind. 

These stupid mistakes also had been committed by male drivers on roads, then why we only blame a woman driver?  

Women just don't need a space in one's heart but in other aspects too. If people stop blaming to others and try to be careful in driving then it would not be difficult to have a peaceful drive.

Nowadays women are participating in car racing too and here I have example of a woman driver Zahida Kazmi, hailed as a first “lady taxi driver” in Pakistan.

Women can drive easily on road if you boys not create mess over there, so they need to drive carefully. Think about it boys.