Larkana Cinemas

By: Orangzeb Solangi

Larkana a popular city of Sindh, years ago was famous for cinemas. People used to have fun and lot of enjoyment from movies with their families.

There used to be crowd at cinema houses that time but now Larkana cinemas are facing difficulties and also they are facing downfall now.

As we all know that this is the era of showbiz and day by day it is being more popular. But unfortunately Pakistani cinema is losing its popularity.

Because of the government policies the cinemas are facing crisis. The Pakistani film industry is unable to compete with Bollywood or Hollywood.

During the last decade there used to be a lot of crowd in cinema houses even when the tickets were more expensive. But now no one is ready to buy tickets even at a very low price because of mismanagement of owners.

People consider it wastage of time to go to cinemas and the reason is that in Pakistan movies are not well-prepared by directors and no advance technology is being used.

Al-Manzar cinema which was established at station road Larkana has now been demolished and other buildings are constructed, second Empire cinema which was built at Empire Road now has been converted into a shopping plaza.

Third cinema Cleopatra in Nazar Muhalla of Larkana can still be found but in a very pitiful condition. This cinema is not showing movies regularly except on a few occasions like Eid, New Years Eve and such type of big occasions. Now Larkana only has one cinema.

The main reason of this fall of cinemas is cable network due to which people have a large number of channels at their home and they can watch shows of Hollywood and Bollywood with their families at home and it is available to them all the time at a very low price.

Less-interest in cinemas is due to bad quality of videos, and it does not gain the interest of people and they get bored.

Not only in Larkana but all over our country cinemas are facing the same problems because the movies that are being made in Lollywood are not worth to watch just a few movies like Khuda Kay Liye and Bol were a bit better but no other movie has been made that is worth the time of viewers.