Shikarpur Paris Of Asia

By: Orangzeb Solangi

Shikarpur is an ancient and historical city of Sindh and had great importance before the creation of Pakistan.

The city was famous for trade of clothes in the world, as Shikarpur had big and famous bazaar which was one of the four famous bazaars of the world.

People used to come from different cities to enjoy the beauty of Shikarpur. Itars of Shikarpur were also famous and were identity of this city. People used to buy Itars as gifts and for trading purposes as well.

Due to its beauty and being hub of trade of the region, Shikarpur was called as “Paris of Asia”. The city had citizens of different cultures who made lasting contributions in poetry, art, architecture, music, dining etiquette, agriculture, medicine, engineering, navigation, textiles and etcetera.

Street and home based libraries were common. However the Hindu culture was dominant, because Hindus were active in trade and they dominated in almost every field.

The old buildings sSuch as Rai Bahadur Udhaus Tara Chand hospital, Chella Ram and Seetadal college, Hiranand Gangabhi ladies hospital living example of this domination.

A Natak Sabha Theater is on bank of beggary canal surrounded by Pepal trees, where Hindu people used to celebrate Holi festival for seven days.

After independence mostly Hindu population migrated to India and Muslim took over the city, which resultantly nourishes the Muslim culture.

Shikarpur was a also cradle of education in past and now its habitants are just cast away in search of good education. The city which was famous for its beauty and other activities has lost its attraction, beauty and its title Asia's Paris .

However, today Shikarpur's pickle and sweets of Deewan are famous in all over the Sindh, people come here to eat these sweets and ice creams.

Today, Shikarpurians are different in their traditions and life style. Shikarpur is also famous for their seven forts (gates) Dakhi Dar, Hazari Dar, Hathi Dar, Khanpur Dar, Karan Dar, Wagano Dar, Shavi Dar which are still around the Shikarpur. 

This traditionally, socially and economically cultured value of this ancient city brings a lot of interest for people because of its old moral values which are gradually vanishing.