Mismanaged Traffic Jam

By: Farkhunda Shaikh

Not only heavy traffic but sometimes motorbikes and bicycles also become source of traffic jams. In our cities roads are the only source used to reach workplace, business or education.

Everyone tries to go first and, these small vehicles over cross heavy vehicles causes traffic jam. Actually all this happens due to congested and rough roads.

If traffic laws are implemented effectively, traffic system will automatically improve. We have very narrow roads and are not meant for number of vehicles we have today.

In the absence of effective public transport system and purchase of bikes and other vehicles made easy on installments has resulted into a large number of bikes and cars.

To avoid traffic jam proper routes and better management is must. This needs a team like Cooperate Responsible Team (CRT) for road services.

This team would provide safe and good roads for local and internal community. It will support community events and causes. This team's work would improve customer service, and give better transport system. National Highway Authority NHA can take up this task and should motivate traffic institutes to create civic sense and impart training of driving and traffic laws.

The next step should be smart road system with effective influential traffic management.

Everyone is upset with traffic jams. Here coordination of road users is also needed to ensure smooth traffic flow. The government should also introduce new compulsory subjects on “Traffic Rules and Laws” in the schools. Moreover, traffic supervisors should create awareness among the students about traffic laws.

Many science subjects are being taught in our educational institutes   because they are necessary. Likewise, this subject is also important as it provides discipline in our society and saves human lives.

Motorbikes are being recognized as increasingly widespread transport modes while heavy trucks are essential for trade but these irrelevant vehicles make conflict with other vehicles and cause traffic jams.

The government should also think about this issue and provide distinct roads for every type of traffic and pedestrians.In accordance to law, if any one moves to wrong track should be given a proper punishment.

Further, license should not be issued until the driver does not pass driving test. This would reduce excessive bikes and remove jam-pack barrier from our roads that makes ground of ruthlessness