Gymkhana A Magnificient Place In Hyderabad

By: Fazeel Naqvi

Hyderabad has many worth visiting places which people use to visit for fun, exchange of views relaxation and joy. But only few leave mark on the mind of people. Hyderabad Gymkhana is one of those places.

It was established in the era of the British rule in the year 1897 under the presidency of C.G Dodgson. After Pakistan won freedom the first president was Muhammad Ishaaq, since then many changes took place in the Gymkhana.

Office bearers were changed many a times so also rules and regulations. Gymkhana is located on a very spacious piece of land it covers about 4.7 acres, inside it has a very peaceful and beautiful environment for family dinners and parties.

The management of the Gymkhana tries its best to keep the place spotless and beautiful, because it is known as the best dinning place of the city.

Personally I did not admire these kinds of places because I used to get bored when I had to sit there for hours doing nothing, waiting for food but once I had to attend an engagement ceremony in Gymkhana, that visit changed my thinking about these kind of places.

Firstly I was just sitting there and getting bored but then I realized that in the next hall something interesting was happening. In Gymkhana you are not allowed to enter other halls without permission so I was hesitating to enter but later I came to know it was a concert and many famous singers were there, also many renowned personalities were in that party I bought the pass and went inside.

Everyone knows what the atmosphere of a concert is, but it amazed me when I saw that everyone was behaving gently throughout the concert.

Later, I came back to the hall where I was invited and told everyone where I was and what I witnessed. They told me that here in Gymkhana things are done in a tender manner.

Since then I visited Gymkhana number of times and every time I go there I am pleased by the atmosphere and management and the quality of food which is available here cannot be found anywhere else in Hyderabad because Gymkhana offers food for people of every culture and religion, many other facilities are here which are not available on any other club or restaurant.

Though Gymkhana also faces some controversies regarding the elections of office bearers but it does not affect the facilities or the environment of the club.

Gymkhana is not typical phenomena of Pakistan it can also be found in some major cities of India like Bombay, Jamalpur, Chennai and also in many other countries of the world.