Pressure Of Peer

By: Orangzeb Solangi

It is often seen in our society that people mimic the habits of other people. But it is seen more in youngsters than in any other age group.

To follow the habits of others is a state where complex takes place it is also called pressure peer.

Now days it is common and a big trouble for parents they have a fear that their children might get hunted by pressure peer.

When the children are young they are in control of their parents but when they grow up into an adult it is more important for them to be respected by their friends instead of their parents.

The question arises that should parents save their child from pressure peer? I think “no”, because this act is also useful too.

It is natural that every person is destined to meet that person to whom he calls his friend the person cannot judge that whether the company of that person is good for him or not.

Mostly it happens in student life when friends around us smoke, bunk classes, etc we know that it is not good instead of knowing the fact we do the same things in that company trying to be cool.

I remember one of my friends Aftab who was an outstanding student in the school and college life he has a very flashing background his father is a business man and his mother is a teacher.

But he fell into the wrong hands and found the wrong company his friends drink on daily basis they are addicts so now sadly he has also became habitual of drinking he can not control himself on this addiction

But on the other hand positive effects are also seen when our friends or class fellow work hard and in that complex the person tries to beat him\her. He does endless efforts to achieve that goal.

Also one of my friend Sallah uddin followed one of his friends Farhan Solangi who is a C.S.S holder and now is doing hard work for getting ready for his C.S.S exam.

On the other side the youth gets more enamored to latest fashion trends which also pressurize their families as well as the society.

If a friend changes the hairstyle that invites the other as well to do so and this creates pressure for that class who cannot afford such fashion trends and that class in our society is called the outdated class.

Mostly the latest trends are seen in girls than boys. If one girl uses beauty products it pressurizes others to use these chemicals also.

Every girl wants to be more beautiful. We can say that this act is present everywhere. This effect is seen in every age and class. When people are doing work around you then you are compelled to do work.

But in my opinion, mostly the targets of pressure peer are the teenagers who easily get into the wrong ways and do not realize what actually they are getting into so it can be said that we should do something run some awareness programs about this defect of our society and focus on our children that they do not fall for the wrong companies and friends