My First Travel By Train

By: Sehrish Khan Durrani

After the semester exams, days were going so boring; my activities were restricted to kitchen. So, I requested my father to take us for outing.

Contrary to my expectations, he agreed at once and decided that next week we'll leave for Northern areas. I was delighted, filled with excitement. Height of my enthusiasm may be gauged that I got my bag ready two days before our departure.

On July 5th, 9 am, we got train for Hawailiyaan. We reach station at 8 O'clock, full of excitement. But all my excitement flew into the smoke with the news that train was late. After long wait, we finally began our trip with the whistle of train.

The train was on the way with its traditional speed. After sometime, a range of mango orchard started, yellow and green mangoes hiding in the trees of green leaves were presenting a beautiful seen. As the train got momentum, many chants of venders, selling different articles were heard.

The weather made me sweat buckets. My window-side was now showing beautiful orchard of date-trees, laden with red, unripe dates, but sun beams made me leave window seat. For the icing on cake, hundreds of beggars kept bothering us time by time, but all their tries in vain.

As the sun began to set, there was an indescribable view in mustard fields, the yellow grains of mustard shone golden into the orange light of setting sun making it a master piece of nature. It made the snacks and cookies with evening-tea even more delicious.

When we entered Punjab, it was dawn; the weather was also slightly wet; the scent of after-rain could be felt in the air. At Multan, I got off specially to buy ourselves 'Sohan Halwa', as my father and I are very fond of sweets.

The train stopped at almost every station for little time, many new passengers were now replacing older ones, and others were amusing themselves with beautiful views of morning and fresh air.

As the sun spread its soft and silky rays of early morning, cotton fields started; where some women with their children were busy in collecting cotton.

By noon, we reached at Hawelian station from where we had to take a private jeep for Naran via Mansehra and Sawat. The range of the huge and beautiful mountains; as high as sky, the beauty of nature dazzled my eyes.

The people were much hospitable that we did not feel stranger. The natives woke up early in the morning and got busy in their work. Markets were large, full of unique items.

Many hotels and houses were constructed by cutting and carving the giant mountains. After spending a memorable period of fifteen days, we headed to Hyderabad.