Arrival Of International Brands In Hyderabad

By: Syed Aqeel Hussain

Hyderabad is very peaceful but less developed city as compared to Karachi. The city is known for its evenings and cool breezes. The healthy atmosphere of the city attracts investors and business community.

Furthermore, situation and increasing security concerns of Karachi have compelled many businessmen and multinational companies to shift their franchises to Hyderabad.

One of my relatives visited Hyderabad after a long time; he was amazed to see the development of Hyderabad.

When I took him for dinner to a famous restaurant at Auto Bhan, his amazement grew further by watching hustle bustle and developments of this road.           

Auto Bahn is a combination of two German words (Auto= motor, Bahn= road) for motorways. As this is a link-road of National Highway, therefore it is called as Auto Bahn, an altered form of Auto Bahn.

Auto Bahn is one of the most famous road and rapidly rising business-centre of Hyderabad. The franchises of different clothing and foot-wear like Ideas, Levis, Flirts, Urban Sole, Hush Puppies, Denizen, Bata, Service, Leisure Club etc are now on Auto Bahn, facilitating people to shop quality products from here, instead of going to Karachi or to other cities. 

The upcoming mega project is Boulevard shopping mall. It will fulfill all needs of urban lifestyle. International branded shop, 2D and 3D cinemas, food court, games and many things will be available under one roof.

Auto Bhan is also famous for its restaurants. Among many other high standard cafes and restaurants on this road, Café La'mosh is most famous, though the most expensive café of Hyderabad.

It provides exclusive ranges of cuisine, drawing the maximum of flavor from the very fresh ingredients. La'mosh is also to launch a 3D cinema which will ultimately be the first 3D cinema in the city. Those who go to different cities for 3D cinemas, they may now enjoy it in Hyderabad.   

De'gravity, McDonalds', LFC, Pizza Track, Pizza Piper, Bar B Q tonight and Hotel Royal Taj are some other famous restaurants situated on this road.       

The arrival of International Brands in Hyderabad is being interpreted as a sign of development and prosperity, which will assist the economy of city to grow.