Pet Keeping

By: Farkhunda Shaikh

Many people love their pets dearly and keep them along. Some of them even treat them as a family member.

Birds like, pigeons, parrots, hens and (maina) have always been kept as pets in our region, but the trend of keeping cats, dogs and other tame animals as pets is new, borrowed from European culture.

Initially, the rabbits, monkeys, foreign cats and dogs etc were only limited to elite class, but now, the growing business of pet market in Lahore, Karachi and Hyderabad confirms that this costly-craze is rapidly growing among people of lower and middle classes.

On every weekend, a large number of buyers and sellers rush towards pet markets. This hustle bustle ends with the setting sun. Variety of pets like parrots, sand grouse, hens, chicken, cats, dogs, rabbits are available in these markets.

The fascinating fact about pets is their sense of smartly adopting human behavior that increases their value. Exclusively, loving pets like cat, dog, and rabbit have lived with us in the same manner as an infant does. They need to use washroom, eat meal properly in own dishes, sometimes they enjoy tasty meals, which we eat.

Most pets like to play games, watch television and go for walk with their guardians. In some countries, they are facilitated with personal beds, sometimes even rooms.

Sensitivity and friendly nature of pets helps them to develop a social and emotional relation with humans. Some of pets like dogs can also endanger their life in order to save  its owner's life.

Crazy pet lovers give proper attention, all favors, love and care to their beautiful pets. Some extremists treat pets as their own kids. Mostly, single, home bound and childless people do wonderful activities for their pets.

The activities like, organizing pet-parties, preparing beautiful dresses for their pets, celebrating pet's birthday each year and also do shopping for them, take out people from their tough routine and make their mind fresh.

Domestic pets are vital for human life they also follow rules and mix with us in every walk and talk of life. They are loyal to the owner and its family and help out in so many works without salary