Hyderabad, A City Or Big Village?

By: Zahra Khuzema

Previously Hyderabad city was known as Paris of Indian sub-continent. Furthermore, it is also called the city of breezes and one of the few bangle producing cities of the sub-continent.

The reason that this city is one of the best bangle producers is that the climate of the city is so beautiful that the bangles are stable here if these bangles were made in any other part of the state they would be broken.

Hyderabad is one the finest cities of Pakistan. It is the second largest city of Sindh province and 5th largest city of the country also the vast industrial zone of the past. It was founded by Mian Ghulam Shah Kalhoro in 1768 and it is rich in culture and tradition.

Despite all attractions, our city seems underdeveloped. Some of its attractions are Sindh museum; it portrays the history of Moen Jo Daro and Harappan civilization on a tour of Sindh museum I found out a lot about this city and the province.

Rani Bagh in Hyderabad is a popular visiting place it is named after the queen of England. People of Hyderabad can not hear anything about their city like if anyone says that "Hyderabad is a village" people stand against that person and tell him that it is not a village but an underdeveloped city.

The people who disparage Hyderabad are even crazy for the most popular dish Palla, cake of Bombay Bakery and delicious Rabbri.

Hyderabad cannot be underestimated at all it has even got the country's largest mental Hospital in Latifabad unit 3 named after Sir Cowasji Jehangir Ready money also known as Giddu.

Now a short overview of New Hyderabad City, it can easily be said that it is a city within a city. It has got gardens and lakes which are amazing spots for tourists to relax.

But now situation is entirely different. People who visit these places for their comforts get frustrated due to self created mess and mismanagement. If we go further to see landmarks we can go for Hyderabad Fort (Pakka Qilla).

It used to be a beautiful fort and a worth seeing place for the visitors but now it is in a fragile condition it just needs one earthquake attack to turn from a landmark into ruins