Shaheen Arcade And Latifabad No: 8 Market

By: Bilal Babbar

Today it is hard to believe that there was a time when Latifabad was not very popular place for the shopping.

There were no shopping centers, women bangles seller come with shining colors of bangles heap in a basket. Even there were no shops of tailors, and people used to stitch their clothes at home.

Now there are many gigantic plazas and markets that reflect the busy image of Latifabad.

Shaheen Arcade and Latifabad unit no.8 are famous markets of Hyderabad because they have many uniqueness and plenty of verities we can have.

This huge market has a large number of shops for the male outfits and foot wears like jeans, pants, T-Shirts and sandals, shoes, respectively.

The arcade has four attractive sides. At the front there is “Toap Park” where Toap (Canon) which are said to be used in battle, where the people wait till the opening of shops.

At the back side there is a Quetta Piyala Hotel, people can have a cup of tea when they get tired during shopping.

There are also fast food shops and restaurants which offer delicious items like biryani and korma. Last but not least, Cholay Wala and Chaat stalls are also there.

At the west side, the gigantic place is Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education Hyderabad which enhances the reference for the customers to reach this arcade.

In the east we see the brightest side of the Arcade which is Latifabad unit no.8 Market. In this market there are more than thousand shops which offer a large variety of items for females and children. 

“Customers of our market become so excited, because they have a chance to buy the best product at reasonable price, we have a lot of good varieties so it becomes difficult for the customers to select, we make them realize that if they have any issue after purchasing the product, we will exchange it and we exchange it too,” the shopkeeper said.

Now females do not have to wait for the 'Chori Waali' and hardly could buy bangles to match with outfits because this market can provide the best product at a best price. Everything from the size to color can be inspected in detail.

“Long shirts accompanied with straight trousers which have proven to make the slim women look fit, while those who think that they are 'out of shape' can find such an outfit which will solve all their problems.

Embroidered designs are also there, Soft cotton and lawn prints for casual outfits as well” narrated the shopkeeper.      

Astrong feeling of community brotherhood, peace, security and a liberal cultural are the symbols of Shaheen Arcade and unit no.8 market, so it's mild and pleasant scenario attract everyone all the time.