Sms Or Disease

By: Faizan Memon

SMS (Short Message Service) is a mechanism of delivery of short messages over the mobile networks. You can send short messages to any other GSM mobile user around the world.

With the PCS networks based on all the three technologies, GSM, CDMA and TDMA supporting sms. Sending or receiving sms is generally considered a harmful activity. 

Nowadays young generation has become habitual of sms. It is called the waste of time for people, especially students, because they forget their studies, homework and other activities, they don't care about anything else except using cell phone and texting.

They just think the whole day that how to amuse a friend through sms. If a student is studying a book for monthly test and one of his friends send him/her any sms then his/her attention will be diverted from reading, he just concentrates on the sms.

Even students send sms during the lecture to his friend without any reason just to chit chat instead of study. 

Texting has harmful effects on students' writing skills. The students nowadays are using abbreviations which worsening their English language writing skills. They also become habituated to use these abbreviations while noting lecture.

Sms Packages are also proved to be a headache for society; there are daily, weekly and monthly sms packages which provide us many sms in cheaper rates.

All these packages are degrading the society. Young generation talks whole day on these packages. When people wake up early in the morning they forget to pray, they didn't recite the Holy Quran, but they don't forget to send Good morning sms.

They also send sms when they are having breakfast, lunch or dinner. People are not just stopping over here, but they also send sms during driving which is very dangerous. 

Students start sending sms from morning till late night and when they go to university or college they spend much time on texting not on their studies.

After coming back, firstly they checked the cell phone that may be some of his friends send any sms. Before going to sleep, people usually make a chit chat with their friends at night and at last they send good night sms.

If anyone is not sleeping, then he sends a sms to his friend either he is awaking or not, he doesn't worry about it. Sms made people crazy and disturbs the routine of young people. They don't think about their health, their family and work.

People spend a lot of time on texting, but they have no time to spend with their parents. The only thing is that people just want to get amused. Before the society becomes completely degraded, we have to reduce this spreading disease.