Henna Enhances Beauty Of Girls And Women

By: Tooba Naz

Beautification of women remains incomplete without mehendi. Mehendi or Henna is the indispensable part of eastern culture, now getting popularity in western countries like UK, USA and Canada. It has always been women's charm. 

Henna is a flowering plant and is extracted from henna leaves by drying them and crushed them into powdered form. This henna powder is pure, free from chemicals and can be use easily.

It is being used as cosmetics for 6,000 years and acts as an anti-fungal medicine and a preservative to stay on skin. It is usually used in Pakistan, India, Middle East and Africa.

History reveals that females have been applying henna on their hands to value their culture. But now it is taken as a symbol of fashion. Women love to apply it on their hands and feet on various occassions.

From many years henna is liked and admired all over the world. Since then it has been a tradition to apply henna not only on occasions but in routine life as well. 

Traditionally, henna is part of happy occasions, such as Eid-ul-Fitar, Eid-ul-Azha, marriage ceremonies and also on festivals. Most often hands and feet adorned with intricate patterns.It increases beauty of women and girls. Young girls want to apply henna on their hands specially on marriage occasions.

Bridals henna designs are totally different from the casual designs. The art of applying henna has been changing from time to time.

Most recently it is applied by drawing various beautiful and unique designs and motives of floral, geometrical and classical patterns. Versatility occurs in designs of Henna like Arabic, Bridal, Indian and Urdu Mehendi Designs

It can be applied as a tattoo on any part of the body. Henna tattoo is the best way to add glamour in one's look. The tattoo is applied for short time and peel-off in a minutes.Its really like a magic in minutes or seconds.

The brides are adorned with their well liked designs on the wedding. Women usually like to apply casual sorts of henna designs by themselves but on the other hand different beauty salons provide henna packages at reasonable price. Western countries are also adopting henna culture which increases its popularity day by day as there is no limit of creativity in this art.