Flirting A Girl

By: Sabahat Us Saba

Long queue of boys, but soon I got amazed when I saw the banner of salon  “come in and go out like prince charming”. Ha, ha, ha, I laughed loudly because those who are coming out of salons are looking like entertainers in circus, slight description for you:

Red color straight jeans wearing matchsticks leg boy with yellow shirt, horn like hair style I mean spikes, red cheeks, long pointed shoes, sun glasses larger than face, wearing chains in wrist and around neck and such a strong smell as they emptied whole bottle of perfume on self.

OMG!! What a scene, these kinds of boys group standing mostly nearby girl's college, bus stops, markets etc. whistling fwhooooooo!!! And sing romantic songs.

Following on a trend in co-educational institutions and beginning of conversation is with

Hi! My name is Saleh, may I take your notebook to point some notes? After hello, a sentence generally used to being friendly is ""I try not to be flirts--- instead, be friendly!! And thus first step is succeeded.

Flirting with a girl is a real art, which does not need any education, experience; just it needs useless skill which is naturally found in male gender.

Next step includes getting mobile number and trust of a girl.

“if you need any help just text me or give me a miscall this is my number".

Girl replied: Ok Bhai

Bhai??? ha,ha,ha, boy laughed in alone because for him BHAI stands for (best husband among ideals), after winning trust of girl, non-verbal communication starts, glances, smiles and the playful interaction that interest and move the relationship along-

Most easy and catchy step is praising. 99.9% girl likes to be praised and this is the golden key of treasure for boys, and once suspense of what is inside treasure is broken, 6-day game finished, as now girl is in.

So it's time to kick her out, and try new flavor.... but the question is, how to quit this game? Again tricky steps are ready, long conversation on mobile is shrinking into just 2 or 3 messages "I am busy" "talk you later".

All time idle person is busy? Where? Questions rose in girl's mind, she asked: where are you busy? Is everything alright? These questions are goal to hit at correct time, "what do you mean, am I idle person, you are blaming me, useless girl, go to hell, do not talk to me bye" boy replied harshly.

What is my fault?

Reply me? Girl replied

Next day boy tries to escape from girl's eyes as he does not want to meet her and this thing is noticed by everyone.

One of the friend of that boy asked him" what happened in between you? Why you are escaping from her? Not good what you are behaving  with her; she is very nice and loyal girl. Why you are hurting her?

He replied:" I was just flirting with her, there is nothing more than that so enjoy  life and forget her"

His friend thought “is flirting really just a game? Every one's doing it!! Our culture upholds it as an innocent fun