The Everlasting Relation

By: Irsa Saleem

Out of hundred objective names of Allah, the one that relates to love is the prettiest one, 'Mother'. There is no comparison of this great blessing that we use to call mother.

Mother is considered caring when she protects her child in his childhood, saves him from the dangers of the world and keeps him harmless under the shadow of her kindness.

Mother is the only person who wipes our tears and embraces us in the time of trouble. As we grow up, we feel strange when she shows us her affection and we suspect her intensive care for us on the other hand, she only wants us to be a better person in future.

 If she doesn't exist, then a child won't be able to take help from anyone.

The best friend of a daughter is her mother, whom she loves more than anyone. Most of the time mother behaves rudely with her daughter, but the only reason lies in that is for her safe future; so that she might be able to make her mother feel proud in her real home, after getting married.

A mother feels proud when the in-laws of her daughter are satisfy and happy with her.

Shouting of a mother at waking up late in the morning, on putting more water in rice, from washing laundry to cleaning dishes, on besom working and breaking glass utensils, creates sense of responsibility and makes me afraid of her.

With the passage of time, her love and worry increases so that I shall not make her feel ashamed. The thoughts of my last good-bye from home of my parents continuously makes mother feel disturbed.

 She remains conscious of my frugal attitude that might be disguised by my mother-in-law and will force her to yell at me as well.

But, whatever she says or does, her yelling runs a wave of laughter through my whole body and I keep rolling in the aisles.

The way she toils hard on daily basis but don't tend her daughters to work.

Actually when she yells at them, she doesn't care how it seems to be, she just want to stop them. Mother can't give up yelling at kids. No soul can replace a mother's emotions.

No individual can bestow the warmth of mother's lap.