Naya Pull Market

By: Kausar Ali

The market which a few years back comprising a couple of push carts with used "LANDA” items, has now turned to be the second largest market of  Hyderabad.

The Naya Pull Market is actually situated under a fly-over named Sakhi Wahab which was built during General Musharaf era.

The Naya Pul market was initially known for a variety of used and second hand items and other useful products having 100 to 120 shops and 60 to 70 push carts.

From all over the city, people visit this market for shopping. Stuff like jackets, coats, sweater, cardigans, bags, blankets, opticals, watches, shoes, toys, shirts, cameras, mobile phones and more available in a good quantity and condition

They also sell seasonal house hold items as hand bags, shorts, caps, t-shirts, belts and other warm stuff.

Interestingly, price are here quite less than other commercial areas and the push carts of city. But still you need to be good at the bargaining.

People used to go Karachi and other cities for new stock but the Naya Pul market is cheaper of this market are mostly Pathans, who deal in imported and used items.

But from last few years shopkeepers had replaced their outlets with China made shoes. One of the shopkeeper told that it was due to increase in demand of china made shoes.

This market is also situated in the middle of the routes of Badin and Mirpurkhas .People say that there was no market and less population so no one took that route but now since last 4-5 years shops are growing and spreading over the area so now its highly populated.

This market stands than others.Shopkeepers as a heavenly place for lower class, it also cause some problems for residents of Naya Pul and around.

The shops are illegal as well the stalls which are on roads and under the flyover are also the cause of traffic jam that occurs daily.

The number of accidents is also increasing day by day. There are no traffic signal and no traffic control police, the people are on their own.

This illegal market is spreading from Sakhi Wahab Flyover to Naya Pul and this market is a new face of market for useful, cheap rated items, where you can get everything and this market is called Naya Pul.