An Evening At Doctors Clinic

By: Hina Hameed

Laughter is the best medicine. This is true but sometimes truth is more amusing than fiction.

Humorous act of our people is the result of lack of awareness. This, I realized when met a gentle lady at a medical clinic. In her view, she is at last stage of cancer.

 I was surprised to see intelligence of such an average woman that although she is only graduate, but aware of her problem and also self medication before.

She had blood in vomiting since two months but she did not give much attention to it. Finally she decided to have proper treatment from doctor. I was surprised when she told me that she drinks salted water as cure.

Her turn came and she went to doctor, after checkup doctor diagnosed that she was suffering from gastric ulcer not from cancer, as she listened this she took heave of sigh.

I was puzzled to see the stupidity of our people as they consider their minor disease as the giant one.

At another corner, a couple with their teenage son were sitting and having altercation on their son's problem. The boy having continuous jerks and was not conscious.

His mother believed that he became demoniac so she continuously forced her husband to take him to any Peer Baba but he was not satisfied from her perception and was compelled to have medical treatment.

At the same moment the boy started shouting due to jerks. Doctor immediately started his treatment. After few minutes medicine works and jerk stopped.

The doctor diagnosed that boy is suffering from Epilepsy. This case also made me laugh that still some believe on such fake things.

When I looked to doctor for my turn, I saw another patient named Mr. Ayaz sitting in front of doctor and crying, “Doctor, I'm seriously  ill, I've very few days now, I have two young daughters…. Doctor please save me….” . The doctor's reply made me smile, “I'm a doctor not a social worker brother so be calm let me do my job”.

When doctor asked him for his symptoms, he replied “I think I'm suffering from cancer as I have extreme fever since couple of weeks along with headache and often nausea and anemia”.

Doctor examined him and finally diagnosed that Mr.Ayaz has malaria not cancer. The diagnosis relaxed him and due to his misperception, he created such a dangerous situation.

I realized, educated person is not the one who is successful in one's own field, but the one who have awareness about different aspects of life. If people have less awareness, then they become laughing stock for society.