Measuring The Miles Of Mirpurkhas Platform

By: Bilawal Soomro

Railways once comfortable mode of journey now has become past history. Its sound, jerks and flipping scenes excite everyone.

Mirpurkhas Railway station also played its role in migration; it was the gateway junction in Sindh after Indian borders.

Mirpurkhas located on Hyderabad Khokhrapar railway line. I still remember the hustle on platform, but today it is lying dead.   

One of my neighbors Khoja Bux originally from Jodhpur, portrays picture of railway station in early 1947.

He recalls “when we reached at Mirpurkhas, many people gathered and when I looked from the window, platform was covered with heads; I can never forget that platform in my life”.

Mirpurkhas platform was constructed in 1926. It is divided into local and private gates; local gate for people who travel from Mirpurkhas to interior Sindh and private is for traveling from Mirpurkhas to India. It is the only one platform in Sindh where people depart to India.

There are 9 lines at Mirpurkhas railway station and four platforms, while there are two cabins but now local people used it for their leisure conversation.

The structure of passenger hall is well constructed and breezy for passengers. Assistant Station Master, Dassarat Kumar said “the big stones on railway platform were imported from Jodhpur while construction which was constructed under supervision of James and a town was named on his name Jamsabad for recognizing his work.”

Following the inccidnets after the assassination of Benazir Bhutto Mirpurkhas platform became deserted. Only Mirpurkhas express is running daily to Hyderabad. Many trains were dropped.

 Train service between Mirpurkhas and Nawabshah closed In 1965 Hyderabad Mirpurkas section was converted  from meter gauge to broad gauge and the railway link between Pakistan and India via Kokhrapar- Munabao was closed.

In February 2006, railway link between Pakistan and India via Khokhrapar Munabao was restored.

Crowd  is witnessed twice a week when Thar Express arrives and people greet their guests by beating drums and showering flowers.

It seems the festive season. After its departure station become still.

A retired electrician on railway Shamsudin seemed emotional too, curve on his forehead reflecting his feelings about good old days and present miserable conditions.

He holds officers for corruption and negligence in their duties. Shams  recalls, when there was strict monitoring on every staff member.

Many tales are told about Mirpurkhas railway station. Once there as a crazy woman beggar Rasheeda. She used to slap if she was refused charity by the passengers.

Now, it is a long pitch for cricket lovers and they said that play ground was away from their homes and it is much  suitable place for cricket.

That was the miles I measured and experienced in life of many people. I wished that soon railway would come on track and flourish again.