Crazy Youth For Wifi

By: Tooba Naz

Wi-Fi is a technology that has revolutionized the network computers and electronic devices together. Wi-Fi is abbreviation of “Wireless Fidelity”. It's a technology which is used in internet system for sending data over computer using radio waves instead of wire

In 1991 Wi-Fi was invented by NCR Corporation AT & T. “Vic Hayes” The inventor of Wi-Fi has been named “Father of Wi-Fi” and was with his team involved in designing standards such as IEEE. Currently there are four major types of Wi-Fi, known as 802.11a, 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n.

 Wi-Fi has had a checkered security history. Its earliest encryption system, WEP proved easy to break. However, an optional feature added in 2007, called Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)

If you have Wi-Fi and whether you are in house, school, office even passing from road or street you can enjoy this advanced technology through the cell phones, computers, laptops, androids, tablets

In developed countries there is vast utilization of this technology.

They don't use land line internet as it causes troubles in service providing. In this globalized world it has become necessary to be connected from one place to another for the purpose of acquiring knowledge, information, chat, studies.

The benefit of Wi-Fi is that it's easily connected where it's required. Importance of this technology can be estimated by the availability and easy access to the people.

 According to the International Telecommunication Union, there were 133,900 internet users in 2000 or just 0.1% of the 164 million people in Pakistan. By 2006 its use had grown to 12 million users of the population.

Wi-Fi sometimes is not secure when its password is not strong so it becomes weaker and can be used by other people.

We simply can't escape the exposure to this harmful radiation. It's everywhere. There are so many people using cell phones and wireless connections today that you don't even have to own a cell phone to be exposed. You're just as exposed as everyone else.

There are so many mobile phone towers in operation that all of us are caught in the crossfire but still people are crazy for Wi-Fi and use it rapidly.

It's like second-hand smoke from cigarettes, there simply isn't anywhere to escape. According to news report in Rice University, rural areas may soon get high-speed Wi-Fi over unused TV bands.They further say that Wi-Fi users demand it more and more.