Change In Education In Hyderabad During Last Ten Years

By: Salma Sohail

Education system of Hyderabad has gone down due to number of problems like, escalation of population, increase in numbers of students, lack of government policies, quality educational institutions. During last ten years education in Hyderabad has witnessed many negative changes.

Hyderabad city has history of appreciable and quantity of schools. News Vidyala, now known as Sindh University old campus, built in 1912 was one of the best school of that time.

Sadhu Naval Rai Hirachand Academy was built in 1900 now known as government high school, which is even today the biggest high school in public sector. Another historic academy Noor Muhammad high school was built in 1933.

These schools founded by the philanthropists, laid foundation of quality education not only in the city but all over the province. Now those schools had gone downward because lack of facilities is provided by government, poor utilization of funds.

Another cause of backwardness of Hyderabad's educational institutions is that government has let free space which was filled by private some of them franchised schools, including, The Educators, Beacon house, City foundation, etc.

Nearly every street one can find a private school where coaching centres are also run in the evening. But this has not improved the state of education. Education has become market commodity people have invested in private schools and are minting money.

Despite high fees quality of education is lacking in these education institutions. Many educational institutions have not their building, scientific laboratories and trained teachers.

According to an official report there are hundreds of ghosts schools in public sector(enrolled in papers), which has further opened the venues for private sector.

Apart from claims of the government officials and private schools a good number of children is out of school. Out of 4,68,357 children between 5 to 14 years in Hyderabad  only 2,81,245 are enrolled, the remaining unlucky children could not get education because of poverty their parents get them done work to earn some money instead of getting education.

Copy culture and corruption have become order the day hence students are not taking much interest in studies. These two evils are pushing the student's future to darkness.

These changes have negatively affected parent's attitude. Some ten years ago parents used to concentrate their children's studies and pay higher school and tuition fees, now they pay money at board for their children's result there permutation are caused by depraved board system where result is being sold  and this is fraudulence for hardworking student who depend on merit .

Beside political interventions has paralyzed the system. Students at college and university level instead of giving time to studies prefer to join political group or party which facilitates them in unfair means in exams and admissions.