Mehmood Ghaznavi Of Modern World

By: Faiza Otho

Winning and losing are not only part of game but also the part of life. Without them life seems empty and tedious. After defeated at many moments in life, people lose the spirit and will power. But the one who does not lose hope continuous failures is the genuine conqueror Dr. Ahtesham.

Dr. Ahtesham son of Dr. Abdul Haque, graduated from LUMHS in 1988 and become a consultant in surgery branch. He has to get through Fellow of the College of Physicians and Surgeons (FCPS) exam.

Medium height and deep voice Dr.Ahtesham, passed his FCPS Part I examination after six attempts of toiling hard in 1997 but after it he couldn't succeed in Part II . The FCPS test is considered as the toughest test in medical field.

This Mehmood Ghaznvi of medical world Dr. Ahtesham, almost attempted examination seventeen times but every time he could not pass. At times, he passed the theory exam but not succeeded in clinical examination.

Being a son of a doctor, his parents wished him to become a doctor too. A colleague of Dr. Ahtesham in the library named Dr.Sumaira said “no doubt he is full of knowledge but he needs power to express it in front of the examiner at the time of clinical examination”. After seventeen attempts Dr. Ahtesham does not lost his hope and the fever of FCPS Part II is still in his soul.

“I did not avail any other option because my mother wishes to pass FCPS Part II exam and her wishes are my motivating force” said Dr. Ahtesham.

It will not be wrong to say that his acute illness of FCPS now has turning into chronic.

A visit to a library in a day is must according to him. He is seen in the library, busy in studying and his stuff includes bottle of water, pair of glasses, and stationary box along with the bottle of grams, placed in an impeccable manner on the table which shows his discipline.

Unlike the famous scientist, Charles Darwin who gave up medical career, Ahtesham also struggles and does not make the grade quickly but steadily he reached his purpose.

This bibliophile always remains busy in search of books and notes related to his field. His colleague, Dr. Sandesh said in a humorous way “he is fond of operating computer but he get tired while searching material on PC as he is not a computer savvy”.

This man has the same will power as Robert the Bruce of Scotland, who after defeated many times didn't lose the spirit. “I have never accepted defeat in my life and have given my whole life for FCPS part II exam”, he said. His battle is not over; he is trying to win it.