Excuses Are Part Of Student Life

By: Syeda Sidra Riaz

“I do my homework on my computer and the cat ate the mouse”

When we talk about student's life, its funny and stupid excuses are also comes in mind.

Student life is not easy as it seems. From school leading to university life, we have to do different tasks and demands and when we fail in doing any task we immediately make excuse and excuses are like the shelter for the students.

During the student's life, excuses are part of life, mostly made for not doing homework. Excuses are the most interesting and humorous part of student's life. We make excuses in accordance to save ourselves from our teacher's anger and punishment.

The journey of student life from school to university excuses also cover a journey from childish to sensible and mature excuses.

The student life excuses are like: “we forget to do homework,”

“I was not feeling well”, “guest arrived”, “was attending a marriage ceremony”, “Sir! I forget copy at tuition”, “my copy is in my friend's bag” etc… and when teacher asks about test so students make an innocent face and reply the most common excuse that “'I was absent sir when you told about test”. 

Having experience and observation of years, including their own student life, the teachers know the students excuses very well but sometime they are trapped by the students because now a day's students are very sharp. It's the psyche of the student but teacher easily understand and mostly give punishment but sometime teacher are also enjoying these excuses.

A third year student Faiza told, when she was in 2nd year, she did not attend minor classes and when she went to meet her minor subject's teacher for syllabus outline, he asked her that have you attended any class? She replied no Sir, and then he punished her with bundle of notes instructing her to write down all these notes on assignment paper. “That was the day my excuses didn't work.” Faiza said

Another batch mate Uroosa has different experience. When she comes late in the class and teacher asked why you were late? I usually say Sir there was a lot of traffic which caused to be late.  When I don't make any assignment, I excuse that Sir! When you told about assignment, I was not present in the class.

According to a teacher Mr Hammad students are expert in making excuses but, I can surely say that 9 out of 10 excuses are lies, the aim of a student is just to safe themselves from punishment and to escape themselves by teacher's anger, but I know which student is telling truth and who is trying to making an excuse.