A Visionary Poet And Writer: Maqbool Sharib

By: Mahrukh Fatima

It will be an injustice if we discuss development of Urdu literature in Hyderabad and not mention the Maqbool Sharib. He is a high-ranked poet and writer who have keen interest in verse. Sharib was born on December 25, 1938 in Narnol, Patiala State, India.

His name is Syed Maqbool Hussain and pen name is “Sharib”. He did his M.A in Urdu Literature from University of Sindh, Jamshoro.

Sharib owns a gentle, humble and formal personality. He is one of those people who in spite of several difficulties, hindrances and torments, built their personalities and reached to their desired destination

Maqbool Hussain Sharib considers poetry as a way of social reformation and development. His every verse and stanza is objective, constructive and carries a message, sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly.

About his pen-name, Sharib says that it was given to him by one of his teachers, Hashmat Narnoli which means “cupbearer” or “the one who feeds”.

Maqbool Sharib started poetry in 1962 and flourished his poetic as well as prose skills under the kind and supervision of poetry  teachers Hashmat Narnoli, Khaadmi Ajmeri and Nihal Narnoli.

His first poetic collection was published in the year 1986 under the name “Andaaz e Chaman” and other poetic collections include Mehr- e-Jahan Taab, Guldaan -e-Nazr and Shamma-e-Umeed.

Sharib is not only a splendid poet but also an upright writer. His articles were published in book form under title of “Mazameen- e- Maqbool”.

His poetry, articles and interviews has been published in numerous newspapers in which Daily Safeer Hyderabad, Daily Pasban Hyderabad, Monthly Baseer Karachi and Monthly Niqaad Karachi are note-worthy.

He was awarded various certificates and awards from eminent personalities in recognition of his services to society and Urdu literature. 

In the year 1958, he led the foundation of a social organization “Tanzeem- e- Ukhuwwat” and fulfilled his duties very well. Moreover, he remained affiliated to many literary organizations such as Bazm e Farogh e Adab, Halqa e Adab, Saqafat and others.

He also rendered services to Radio Pakistan, Hyderabad as compere in the 90s. His poetry had been broadcast from Radio Pakistan, Hyderabad in the voices of many singers in which Late Zaheer Warsi is notable.

Sharib is currently performing his duties as President of a literary organization, Farogh-e- Adab. His work is the evidence of his broad vision and experience throughout his life.