Youth Is Obsessed With Facebook

By: Sabahat Us Saba

The online giant social network Facebook is now really a craze among the young generation, no matter where they are. It has become a base for gossips, connecting to others, relaxing a bit from work and searching friends.

Since the launching of  Facebook, its members have increased in an alarming manner and this helped the social giant come up to the position where it is today.

Everyday around 10,000 peoples are joining this network. It has now begun its life as a digital social network for university students too.

Now teachers post their lectures, handouts on the network and make easily available to their students. It offers a place where students can host and develop their own profile, share information and links with others, and make use of it as a communication tool.

Social networking is providing a platform for students and teachers to connect with each other from outside of the class room. No doubt this social network has turned to be one of the most powerful forms of media for communication today.

Facebook is gaining business, and the young generation is gaining social status but there are pros and cons of it.


Most of the youngsters think that it has given them a platform to interact with the society and help them to make friendship with unknown, indeed it is true. The main con of this is youngsters are losing their valuable time out of their life in socializing.

Majority of the youth are gossiping on it via mobile or laptops when they should be focusing on their day to day activities

Life without it has become just unimaginable and uninterested for the young generation. Along with the young generation even the senior citizens are getting crazy for the Facebook.

More than 750million people across the world use this social network to share photographs, videos and post regular updates of their movements and thoughts publicly which could be dangerous for them. Adding unknown people in the friend list and sharing routine life with them could be risky and results in fraud.

Whether we like it or not, the Internet, social media, and all of the related technology are here to stay.

As evidenced everyday in so many ways, this new technological landscape brings many wonderful benefits to our family's lives, relationships and education.

At the same time, as with any new innovations, this impact has a dark side.