Hidden Peril Of Eating Street Food

By: Aamir Guramani

When you are outside and feel hungry, the first thing that comes to your mind is the street food. Street food vending varies with culture and religion but it is commonly found all around the world.

The food lovers are set up to have strong acquaintance with these portable food stalls and hawkers. The trend of street foods is spreading day by day in Pakistan. People now live in a great hurry and they prefer to eat street foods which offers them low price and easy to access foods at an instant.

 For all these reasons people takes risk of their life and mess up their health.  The ready to eat food by the road side hold the roots especially in Pakistan since ages. Food vendors in open streets, markets and public places serves thousands of hungry office workers, shop keepers, students and employees.

Some very popular road side mouthwatering Pakistani street food includes chana chaat, fruit chaat, bun kabab, masala fries, sandwiches, BBQ rolls, pani puri, jalebi, dahi Baray, biryani, haleem, sugarcane juice, squashes, lemonade etc. In winters there is a special addition of roasted street foods peanuts and chicken yakhni.

Most of the vendors fry edibles in used oil and do not change it despite using it for many days. It is observed that many vendors and shopkeepers mix new oil in already used oil, which is a very dangerous practice and was very common in month of Ramadan.

Most of street foods are not covered and are exposed to flies and dust, which may harbor food borne pathogens. In 70-90% of the cases, presence of animals, insects and liquid wastes in food preparation areas have been reported.

The doctors have warned that substandard drinks and edibles may cause diseases like typhoid, hepatitis, diarrhea, different kinds of infections and tonsillitis.

The ratio of diseases increases 50 percent in summer because of unhygienic food and drinks. The government immediately imposes a ban on the sale of unhygienic food, especially outside the schools.

Especially those students who stay in hostels eat at such stalls which may risk their health. It is important to create awareness among the general public to eat at hygienic places. You may be exposed to the germs that cause gastrointestinal infections by eating street food.

Youngsters are attracted towards street food by its tempting aroma and becomes habitual to eat it as their regular meal, they purchase street food for a number of reasons, such as reasonably price and served quickly in a sociable setting.

Despite the fact that street food is the most dangerous for our precious health, people still go for it.