Social Activist, Teacher And Author: Asim Sajjad Akhtar

By: Yasir Ali Junejo

There are men and women who devoted their lives for greater cause, who struggled for common good and never feared from anything and worked day night for betterment of marginalized people of the society.

Asim Sajjad would be on forefront among such lot.  Sajjad a social activist, academician, staunch social critique, passionate teacher and author of two books and various research articles, has been on forefront for rights of common people.

Asim Sajjad Akhtar was born on 27 September 1975,  in upper class family in London, England. Asim brought up in rich family spent his child hood in pleasure and, his father Sajjad Ahmad Akhtar was a chartered accountant in Singapore and his mother was a teacher.

He was married in 2006 and has a handsome son Amar.After spending few years he moved to Singapore there he started his education and did his matriculation in 1991 from Singapore.

Later he went to United States of America for further studies and did his Intermediate  and Master of Arts in Economics in May 1999 from Yale University, United States of America.

He returned toward his birth place London where he did his MPhil from the university of London under the topic ''Pakistani State'' in 2006 under the supervision of Kavi Raj a famous scholar of India and Asim Sajjad Akhtar converted his M.Phil  into PHD on ''Pakistani state and struggle for change during last 30 years.
In 2003, he was appointed as a lecturer in LUMS (Lahore) and continued to teach there until2011, in 2011 he moved to QUAID E AZAM University Islamabad as associate professor where he is now teaching Social theories, Sociology, History. He became Associate professor in the same year.

 He is a soft hearted, intellectual from very young age, because to learn seven languages is not an easy task.

His family is millionaire but he lives very simple life. He usually wears Shalwar and Qamiz.Calm behavior simple and with a simple attitude like a traditional Sufis who were very lovely and friendly with everyone.

He is passionate teacher, loves reading. When I called him it was weekend and he was busy in study circle about social problems of Pakistan. He told us that he often face problems due to no place where he can teach those who want to understand present situation in our country.

Hence we organize such programs struggling to get any place opted for canteen lawn, at university.He is free thinker and teaches in such a manner as he is. Students around the Pakistan love him including me because of his love and commitment with his cause.

When asked what made him so simple even he was a rich? He replied “I was 14 years old and studying in Singapore I read a book about life of a German scholar who belonged to middle class but de-classed himself, that book stimulated me and generated a spark of intellect in my mind that why society is classified, from that day I used to spend my life simple as much as I can”.

He believes that in order to develop our society we must empower of women, society is incomplete without the share of women in means of production and equal rights”.
He has written many research papers in foreign journals and articles in Daily “The News” since 2000 to 2011 and now days he writes in Daily Dawn news paper since 2011; he has been appearing in talk shows of Dawn news channel and Aljazeera.

If I define the Asim Sajjad Akhtar in two lines I would say de-classed scholar, simple, humanist, scarifying and a man of potential.