Social Activist: Saifullah Khoso

By: Salman Chatta

“We fight the war with courage, not with weapons." said Saifullah Khoso in his twenties, short, classical haircut, brown eye and magnum mustache. His words met with loud applause and standing ovation.

He secured first prize in the short-film competition at Karachi among top participants from all over Pakistan His short-film story was titled Mohib-ul-watan.

Saifullah Khoso from undeveloped part of Sindh Kashmore and Kandhkot completed his early education from his village now he is doing bachelors in physics from university of Sindh Jamshoro.

Kashmore is undeveloped part of Sindh. It is traditionally very conventional area. You will still found tribes there and most of the inhabitants are engrossed in fighting with each other.

"Even some of my family members (in past) had killed dozens of people. Which is not even concerning for them" He wondered

"I live in an area where children grow up watching their elders fighting. I had two options one is GUN and second is PEN. But I opted for the pen" he said. "I'm the first person among my family to continue education"

He added He has won the best administrator award and best team-mate in Young Social Reformer (YSR), where he has served as IT coordinator and senior director marketing.

Now serving as senior director (YSR) youth social responsibility wing.
As a debater, he made a name for himself he was among top 10 in Tolerant Youth Work Shop and 4th position in inter-departmental competition.

Saifullah Khoso's hobbies, extra-curriculum activities and activism have nothing to do with his subject Physics in which he is graduating. "I was often told by the people, that I'm frittering my time for no reason.

The nature of my field is opposite to what I'm doing. But I reply “I work for Pakistan with the spirit of serving not earning".

He is running Karan Student Forum (KSF) non-registered NGO. Through KSF has organized several events in the Government schools of Kashmore. "I found enormous potential in students they only lack quality education and proper counseling".

The program includes drama, debate, quiz and cultural day. "Due to the tribes clash I'm unable to hold district level competitions.". And is passionate to establish an academy in which they can provide vocational training for youngsters including camera operating, film-making (at the beginner level) and editing.

After meeting Saifullah Khoso ones must be hopeful about the future of Pakistan. As we have a youngster like this with full of potential to do things impossible things.