Passion Drives You, Let Reason Hold The Reins: Mushtaq Bhatti

By: Faiza Masood

Mushtaq Bhatti is a Production Manager and RJ at Sachal FM 105, Hyderabad. In addition, he is an enthusiastic VJ at Mehran TV. Mushtaq Bhatti born in 11th Oct 1975 is a TV host and radio presenter since 2004.

Q. Tell us something about yourself?

A. I am from Khairpur. I passed HSC from Khairpur then did master's from IT Dept. of Sindh University then I did journalism course from Journalism Dept. Peshawar University. Radio Pakistan had a great influence on me since childhood. I have started my career from Radio Pakistan Khairpur. Now I am here on Sachal FM 105 as a RJ since 2004 and currently working as production manager.

Q. What is your responsibility as a production manager?

A. Being a production manager of FM 105 at Hyderabad, my responsibility is to administrate the entire radio station, to manage and run the production business or address the issues that occur on daily routine. Specifically, my responsibilities are to manage the production of documentaries, programme, commercials, recordings, timing-schedules and on-airlive and offline programs.

Q. Which shows you have hosted?

A. My famous programs on HOT FM have been: 1. Moj Mehran (Historical) 2. Otaq (Agriculture, Media based on community development, poverty elevation, water shortage and various law & order situation of the country, Health & education, current affairs, and Sindhi folk music). 3. Radio Campus (A Comprehensive program on problems of university students and goals achieved by universities). Besides I have been working long with AMERICAN INTER NEWS AGENCY as producer.

Q. As an RJ, you are always required to be happy & cheerful; how do you manage to be enthusiastic all day long?

A. The biggest energizer is the Radio itself! There is something magical about the mic in the studio. Just being in the studio cheers me up. Secondly, I genuinely like listening to people. I try to be honest which helps me to connect to the listeners.

Q. What type of personality is necessary for one to become an RJ?

A. Being able to speak is, of course, is a necessity. But being able to connect with your listener is not a skill that everyone has. You just need to be yourself.

Q. Have you ever faced problems from callers during your program?

A. Of course, those three-four hours you're on-air are possible problem minutes, anything can happen. You don't have to solve the techie difficulties, but you're responsible for everything else the important thing is to handle them well so that you & your listeners have a laugh.

Q. Any tips for inspiring Radio Jockeys?

A: Don't be artificial; just being yourself because this really helps in connecting with the listeners. You should be spontaneous and should have presence of mind. You should be able to handle people well without hurting them. And you should have PASSION! The other skills required can be learnt on the job.