The Second Floor (T2F)

By: Ibrahim Buriro

How will you resist if anyone of you comes to know that you can meet your favorite writer, musician or artist so easily? This happened to me when I came to know that Tina SANI (singer) coming to T2F. The second floor known as T2F, is a place where art exhibitions, book launchings, theater, music shows held, a place for intellectuals, students and art lovers. T2f is a platform for new artists to show their talent.
Besides Karachi violence and life threatening circumstances, this city has still different literal-cultural activities taking place at different places, in which some are old British Colonial Era Buildings i.e FRERE Hall and some new established. These all  remained un attractive until 2007, when the project of Peace Niche a non-profit NGO which formed the Idea of The Second Floor [T2F] a cafe and community space for communication and other things for people who love culture and art.
 ''T2F is a place where anyone without a 'membership' can freely enter, sit, enjoy a coffee, look around and chat and meet people in comfort''.  Says Sabeen Mahmud co-founders T2F.
Ground floor starts with Faraar Gallery, full of cultural paintings. T2F remains opened all the seven days of week from 12 noon to 10 pm you can go any time there.
At T2F's book shop where you find huge collection of books. You can read and purchase them at reasonable prices. 
Another superb thing, what they contained like art cards, notebooks, mugs and other artistic stuff and T-shirts, one T-shirt I liked most there was had quotation:
'' Believe in yourself the world will be yours one day.”
Going up the stairs in the cafe, stairs are very creatively painted and if you are person who note tiny details, you will find PACMAN is leading you to your way. Inside cafe T2f facilitates free wi-fi, laser printing and large HD TV screens. Cafe offers other things as well fresh baked cakes, banana bread, chocolate cup cakes etc. 
This is a great place for people like us who can discuss about our work and meet people who related to our field'' ... like any producer, artist or script writer.
T2F is quite enjoyable place, as there is always something interesting going over there. Most of the events held there are free of cost. Digital security system installed after a robbery in 2011, when an Exhibition been going inside cafe named as ''loot Maar''.
T2F is a place which creates events to promote culture and art literature. In the words of Azad, a frequent visitor at T2F ''this place is for people who love culture, music art, literature, you can call this place home of creative people''.