Rising Trend Of Gymnasiums In Hyderabad

By: Qirat Fatima

To manage the health and as prevention from some diseases exercise is important in daily life. Physical fitness is also the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.
Whenever we hear the name of gymnasium or gym the usual concept is a place equipped with the physical health equipments including: free weights and machines. Free weights are the basic form of body building equipment. The reason they are called "free weights" because pulleys, cables, pins, or weight stacks are not attached with them. They consist of barbells, dumbbells, and weight plates. Mostly gymnasiums depend upon the free weights to initiate the physical fitness process with usual consumers.
With the passage of time as human started using various ways to keep his body and mind fit and healthy as well as to prevent the concept of being unhealthy. One addition to it is gymnasium commonly known as gym. 
The interesting fact about gymnasiums is that the gyms exist to the old age of Athens era. Even, the academy of Pluto of three major subjects including: Philosophy, Mathematics and Gymnastics!
Nowadays gymnasiums are more popular for weight-loose hubs more than anything else.
Lately, Hyderabad city witnessed the growth of gymnasiums and physical fitness points in both genders during last few years. Men as well as women started using the gymnasiums for keeping themselves healthy and fit. In Hyderabad, there are elite standard gymnasiums and the saloon-cum-gymnasiums to facilitate the men and common ladies of the city, few of gymnasiums have also facility of with martial arts centers such as taekwondo. Other locally prominent gymnasiums of Hyderabad city are: Latifabad Club, Hyderabad Club, Al-nisa beauty parlor and gym, Ali Fitness Club, Ghazali Club, Shandaar Club.
Hyderabad city's prominent club is Muscle Mania. It is the one of the specific point of attractions for women, including working women, housewives and also girls, among these fitness clubs and gymnasium have low-price memberships, deals and also packages that provides them ease to work out in a place to keep them fit and fine. These gymnasiums are also a big support for the sport girls who lack such well-equipped gymnasiums in their professional places like colleges and universities and who independently struggle to keep the pace in sports like basketball, cricket, soccer and the similar sports that demands physical fitness while playing in ground. On the other hand; saloon-cum-gymnasiums are a way of involving activity for those women who are full-time housewives. Some of those saloon-cum-gymnasiums depend upon physical fitness exercise machines while other also follow some yoga plans to keep the real environment of fitness clubs in their places.
Hyderabad city needs a lot of progress in those physical fitness places related to exercise machineries, ladies and males gymnasiums trainers and actual advanced fitness courses to follow.