By: Muhammad Sagir Sheikh

Co-Education is ideally aimed to provide space to different genders of society buds to learn together in educational institutes. Co-education institutions have several advantages over the non-education system where having a class together is an exceptional idea; it is successful in most schools.

Boys become aware of girls abilities and vice versa. A spirit of co-education operation and completion thrive education system.

Girls and boys at a self conscious age take extra care of themselves growing up together and sharing activities such as drama ties, art and other things, which social widen the students talents and a healthy atmosphere prevails through out the system.

The morning assemblies in all the resident co-education schools are conducted together where boys and girls sing and pray together.

This did not mean that co-education was adopted with contention with regard to high schools and colleges; especially during the late century certain male doctors argued that extended education was dangerous for women, who could be harmed by over exertion caused competition with male students.

Other opponents of co-education protested on religious and moral grounds maintaining that the hazards of impropriety were higher when young men and women were placed in such close proximity for long period of time by a host of voices defending co-education as a practical success and a virtue of the system.

Reflecting the brighter corner of this system, it is proposed by social psychologists that co-education is one of the tools which inculcate confidence within opposite genders.

The educational institutions which have co-education are ranked versatile and they are reputed for equipping peoples with multiple talents.

Co-education is a system which aims to provide an environment of competition between elements studying in it.

The healthy competition makes it easier even for the teacher to maintain their interest within the circle of studies and curriculum.

It helps them to nourish students with latest modalities of progressing world in very smooth manner.

Some people are of the view that this system promotes disproportional attitudes in the students and they deviate more towards immorality instead of becoming more civilized.

Whereas, this concept is often challenged and proved wrong with an argument that systems having co-education as their key element, creates a barrier between inhabitants to indulge in immoral activities, they respect each other, indeed.

It teaches them the values of two genders and helps them to identify their roles and responsibilities in the development of society. It gives room of acceptance to them and increases their tolerance.

All developing nations have acquired co-education as a pattern of inducing many social values to their institutions and that's what we also require to do in order to be in the pace of those nations.