Brand Consciousness

By: Maria Lodhi

The growing trend of marketing techniques undoubtedly hit the ground very quickly. The products launched by various companies, certainly create some kind of craze in the consumers.

Eventually, people run after putting a tag or title of some renowned and famous brand.

To some extent, it often helps to create an impression through the communicating image of branded logo, which makes this world remember that there was some person who was having Nokia N70 or was wearing Levis jeans. Such budding behaviors have given rise to brand consciousness. There are many simple definitions of this newly evolving type of consciousness, one of them is awareness of a brand as a distinct product, separate from others.

May be the concept of brand consciousness could be useful in marketing purposes but when it mingles with behavioral patterns of youth then it leads to problems.

The self conscious people are more concerned about the impression they make on others. They are more likely to be worried about their physical appearances or fashion.

The rapidly increasing status of brand consciousness has increased the number of abnormal behaviors and complexities among the youth of not only Pakistan but the whole world, indeed, because brand consciousness has not only affected Pakistani youth but it has become a globally prevailing phenomenon.

Some of the major problems which have been observed due to brand consciousness are lack of confidence, reduction of decision making powers, absolute increase in anxiety level at a very young age, behavior of disobeying to the elders, feeling of social insecurity, raised extent of imitating others and at times emotional imbalance.

In its actual sense, brand consciousness aims to create some distinction among brands so that audience can get awareness on what to use according to their needs and resources. Unfortunately, the true essence of branding concept has not taken its place in the social perspectives. It has vital position  in economic and marketing terms or rather business would be the correct word, but it has failed to serve society in its real sense.

The penetrating effect of brand consciousness could be minimized through awareness campaigns and by promoting the true values of any particular society. Reports clearly depict that people have left their heritage and culture just to follow the tag or logo of some brand which they think could help to improve their images.

Utilization of some brand should never mean to undermine originalities of any specific culture. Brands should be supportive rather than acting as an agent of demolishing the true picture of any society.

Brands should be used as brands; they should never be given more importance over your fondness and liking.