The Role Of Co-curriculer Activities

By: Ali Raza Bhatti

The individuals who take part in co-curricular activities achieve milestones after having faced unprecedented experiences of failure but yet having courage which develops in them after facing public criticism by to lose or win.

By taking part in debate competition will build very positive relations not only with audiences but with very influential figures as well which is indeed very fruitful.

More than that they develop very good communication skills, confidence, civilized way of talking and good sense of choice of words for right time at a right place, which proves to be very helpful for them not till their university education is completed but for life time.

By practically experiencing the failure, victory and criticism, the youth actually prepare themselves to tackle challenges ahead with bravery and dignity.

Debate and speech competitions play very pivotal role in grooming the personality and turning dump individuals in to talent powerhouses.

By  taking  out the cream out of ordinary individuals and making them able to rediscover them selves as the dynamic, energetic and challenge taking young blood after coming out  of darkness and clouds of hopelessness yet enlightening their minds with the glory and pearls of wisdom which become enough capable to make their positive contribution towards  prosperous nation .

Effective communication skills not only make us able to extend our ties on national or regional level but also on internationally by winning their hearts and minds.

The initiates of the University of Sindh in uplifting new talent by providing praiseworthy opportunities which  is an example of it self  by organizing annual debate competition at the Sheikh Ayaz Auditorium in which number of students representing their respective departments by participating in the competition and the deserving candidates are awarded with trophies and endurable cash prizes after witnessing their stunning victories with different positions on the other hand the losers are also the winners  who develop bravery, dignity and confidence.

Unfortunately, Sindh province which is blessed with the budding and hardworking younger generation is being deprived of opportunities, where there is severe necessitate of more personality grooming activities to be organized. From primary to university level if some co-curricular activities are organized but are in critical numbers.

In the modern age, the world has become much smaller then ever before. With poor communication skills, it is really hard to move shoulder to shoulder with the world.